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Storied Surfaces

Reclaimed skateboard wood becomes artisan tile. The skate-inspired narrative continues with our iconic prints into signature collections for interior design and fashion. Splashed with color, pattern and purpose, Art of Board is a true hallmark of art and design. A tale of authenticity that comes to life wherever it lives.


Featured: Love Park

A joyful explosion of exuberance, this colorful collection captures the chaotic energy of the street. Handmade from reclaimed skateboard wood, every scrape is left in tact, creating a one-of-a-kind tactile pattern.

Featured: Venice Beach

Vibrant pops of playful color from reclaimed skateboard wood on high-quality ceramic. This collection is a beautiful rebellion where the line between luxury and art blurs.



Featured: Santa Cruz

Infectiously rebellious and playful, this floor collection comes alive underfoot. Stunning photo-realistic imagery of reclaimed skateboard wood creates an unforgettable experience in any environment.