Inspired by SKATEBOARDERS and fueled by our grassroots skateboard recycling movement, Art of Board is 100% AUTHENTIC apparel and design. We created a brand and a movement that seeks to EMPOWER THE SKATEBOARD COMMUNITY.

Art of Board (OUR BRAND) TELLS THE STORY of skaters everywhere by recycling their used, beat up and broken decks and incorporating them into tile surfacing, home goods, apparel and accessories. I Ride I Recycle (OUR MOVEMENT) is aimed at SAVING WOOD WASTE FROM LANDFILLS and HELPING THE COMMUNITY that gives Art of Board life. 

Art of Board products celebrate a used skateboard's scratches, gouges and worn graphics...capturing the TRUE SOUL of skateboard culture. Product sales keep our movement going, our lights on, and our business moving forward so we can SUPPORT SKATEBOARD CHARITIES, SKATEPARKS AND SKATESHOPS. 

And the cycle continues.

We love skateboarding. And design. We don't pretend to be something we're not. ART OF BOARD IS HONESTY, INTEGRITY AND PROOF THAT #AUTHENTICITYISNOTDEAD.